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Ok people, check it, lately I've been reading the latest series in Marvel called "Edge Of Spider-Verse". In case you don't know, it involves the Superior Spider-man crossing over to alternate universes and recruiting other Spider-men to fight something that threatens every Spider-man throughout the multiverse. As I've read a few issues now, I notice that some of these Spider-men aren't even other universes Peter Parker's. After reading these issues, I started creating my own Spider-men from alternate realities, and the best part is that my web slingers aren't Peter's and no one can get upset about it because Marvel has made it clear that not every spider-man through the multiverse is a variation of Peter Parker! So thank you Marvel for giving us a way around that wall! So this is where you all come in, I want your opinion on these Spider-men I've come up with. Let me know what needs improvement. Just so you all know, even though I'm keeping an open mind and I really want to improve my characters, there will be some key things about my Spider-men that I refuse to change about them (Even if it's something that a lot of people keep telling me to change about them, if I like that part about them, I won't even budge). Other than that, I appreciate any input you have.

Here is the first Spider-man and info:Spider-Ben by AdamAnt543

The Other Spider-man is still a work in progress, so I'll have to save that for another journal. So, what do you all think? Please let me know your opinions, and again, any advice would be appreciated. Also, if anyone knows some one who would is taking commissions, please let me know. I would like to hire them to make a pic of this Spider-man.
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Shewolf1214 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Student Digital Artist
thanks for the fav! :D
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It is truly appreciated <3
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SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Thanks for the fave, glad you liked teh scene.
AdamAnt543 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
It was a very touching scene my friend, I especially like that Hanabi is training someone like herself during her younger days, that was so sweet.

It makes me want to start doing something with my own jedi OC's.
SlingBlade87 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Heh, well I guess I'm up to my old mischief of inspiring people.

I am very glad you enjoyed it though, I was kinda concerned abotu this one because it was venturing into some new territory for me.
AdamAnt543 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I see... you want to talk about it?
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Thank you very much for the fav!:hug:
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